Term & Condition with Performa Invoice (Please Read Document in Detail)


1. Order once placed shall not be cancelled. The customer, being aware about the customized nature of goods, shall be responsible for the payment of goods ordered by him and manufactured by the supplier, but not delivered due to any reason.
2. above rates are based on current rate of raw materials, customs duty, Sales tax and exchange rates or others Variations shall be to buyers account.
3. DELIVERY TIME: It is tentative or estimated. Delays can happen due to reasons beyond our control. In case the required raw glass is not available in stock, sufficient lead time is required for procurement.
4. Template orders: Templates if any shall be provided by customer to our factory and the customer may inspect such glass prior to dispatch as any complaints to variation from the template shall not be entertained after the goods have left our factory.
5. Material shall be sent on freight 'to pay' basis. Transportation is only arranged and charged on behalf of the customer. We shall not be responsible for any breakages during transportation & no cover by insurance.
6. There is no any Transit insurance for client after applied of insurance .Any short claim or defective claim shall be your responsibility and no amount shall be payable by us for defective or short or rejected claim.
7. Unloading at site, stacking, Lift and Lead if agreed to be done by us, shall be charged extra. Breakages during unloading or handling at site are not covered by insurance and this activity, even when done by us, is at customer's risk.
8. Payment Term: - Our payment term is 100% advance with purchase order and glass will be take in production after confirmation & verification of Performa Invoice with stamp and signature of the client.
9. DELAYED PAYMENTS: Interest @ 10% per month, compounded at monthly rates, shall apply on delayed payments and on materials not lifted within 30 days of production. Additionally warehousing or demurrage charges may apply on such goods.
10. QUALITY ASSURANCE: All Glass are made on world class plant and equipment and shall confirm to the highest quality standards of FOSG. These standards can be downloaded from our website www.kaenatglass.com despite all precautions and pre-dispatch inspections, if any manufacturing defect is found; the customer must intimate the supplier immediately on receipt of goods. If the customer’s claim of manufacturing defect is found to be correct, the supplier at its own cost shall rectify or replace the defective goods within a reasonable time. The supplier shall not be responsible for any incidental costs like removal or fixing of materials on site or any third party claims on the customer due to such rejections
11. Spontaneous Breakage:-If spontaneous breakage happens after delivery of glass, we cannot compensate because of Nickel Sulfide ( NiS ), its cause is Manufacturing not processing.
12. Packaging: Wooden case packing if needed will be charged 3% of order value or at the rate of Rs. 3500/- per box whichever is higher. For large sizes > 6sqm per panel, packing will be charged 8 % of order value or Rs. 9600/- box, whichever is higher.
13. Glass Charges and wastages of glass: Glass chargeable on basis of next even cm. Eg. Size of 1815mm is treated as 1840mm, or 1920mm is treated as 1940mm. Design Loss of Clear, Tinted , Reflective , Low-e-glass etc; is calculated with optimization software as per available sheet sizes.
14. Jumbo / extra large glasses: (greater than 5 sqm / 3200 mm) shall be charged 30 % extra on basic rate. Non Rectangular Glasses: 30 % extra for glasses with unexposed edges.
15. Transit Insurance shall be charged @2.50% for tempered glass & 2.60% for annealed glass. For Annealed glass 100% transit breakage covered by client which is not replaced by seller.
16. Cashier’s hole / cutout and other large cutouts by CNC shall be charged extra as complexity. Polished / Neat finished edges if required shall be charged extra as per actual.
17. Part Delivery: Part delivery of the order is allowed with prior intimation and delivery schedule. Any transportation charges associated with part deliveries are to be borne by the client.
18. Unloading of goods from Carrier: It is deemed that unloading of glass shall be done by the customer. Any damage to glass during unloading is not covered by insurance and client shall not be liable for any claim for damage to goods during unloading.
19. STORAGE AND HANDLING: Glass must be handled carefully to avoid scratches and must be stored in a dry covered place to avoid weathering. No alteration should be attempted at your end. Glazing should be done with proper sealing and dry cavity with weep holes. Other precautions as downloadable from our website or FOSG WEBSITE should be followed. Any defect due to improper handling, storage or glazing shall not be our responsibility.
20. Any term(s) of your order, contradicting our quotation terms, would not be valid unless confirmed by us in writing.
21. Agreement & documents finalization: All agreement /documents are finalized and executed at the registered office of the company 1119/F-2, RIICO IND AREA, BHASE-03, BHIWADI- RAJASTHAN.
22. Communication /Notice Address: All communication /Notice / Intimation shall be addressed to registered office of the company 1119/F-2, RIICO IND AREA, BHASE-03, BHIWADI-RAJASTHAN.
23. OTHER TERMS: Disputes if any shall be referred to FOSG (Federation of safety glass) for arbitration or shall be subject to ALWAR-Rajasthan Jurisdiction. Production and delivery is subject to force majeure clause. No refund of Sales Tax/ other Taxes of any kind will be made if not claimed before such taxes are paid to authorities. In case of future assessment of Sales Tax, Excise Duty and/or other taxes on this transaction, the tax levied will be recovered from you. Until paid in full, the goods shall remain as our property.
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