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Sound Reduction Glass

The growing concern over detrimental noise in densely populated areas has called for improvements in the sound insulation of our building spaces. While laminated safety glass has been optimized for safety and security and offers effective screening of UV-radiation as an additional benefit, its acoustic performance has come into limelight recently .Special PVB-films with enhanced vibration damping behavior by absorption and dissipation, provides a solution for glazing systems designed to meet high sound attenuation requirements. While glass is inherently a poor acoustical performer, higher performance levels can be achieved by using laminated glass or as one of the panes of a sealed insulating glass unit. This makes it appropriate for use in study centers, hospitals, recording studios and around heavy traffic roads, railway and airports. For best performance, it is very important that suitable windows or frames be used. Operable windows must have good seals and should not leak.

Formula = Laminated glass with DGU.

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