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Heat Soaked Glass or Heat Absorbing Glass

This is simply fully tempered glass that has been processed to reduce the probability of spontaneous breakage due to nickel sulfide inclusions. Heat soaked glass has shown 98.5% reliability in tests1. The glasses have the same advantages as fully toughened glass, but are relatively safer as the pos sibility of breakage is reduced.
The Heat Soak is a destructive treatment which heats the glass for several hours at about 280 °C to speed up the a-NiS to ß-NiS transformation and consequently forces the contaminated glasses broken within the oven. Heat Soaked (HS) glasses are also knows as heat absorbing glasses.

The following applications should be considered for  heat soaking:

1. Structural Balustrades.
2. Infill Balustrades – if fallout is an issue.
3. Sloped Overhead Glazing.
4. Spandrels – if not Heat Strengthened.
5. Structural Glazing with Spider or other fittings.
6. Commercial Exterior Frameless Glass Doors.

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