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Our works is equipped with state -of -the -art machinery with latest technology, at each stage of the manufacturing process, which in turn is the key factor in delivering quality products in least the possible time and in a cost competitive manner. Our infrastructure also enables us to provide best of the class service to our customers. A brief overview of our plant and machinery :

CNC Cutting Machine: To cut the glasses in exact sizes ,as per customers' requirement.

Edge Grinding: Equipped double edger and Vertical single edging machine, in addition to cross belt grinders, to provide best possible edge finish in large volume to our ensure quality with time commitment to our customers. 

Washing Machines: Enabled with hi tech washing machines, capable of washing Soft Coat glasses and thus enables us to provide glasses with best surface finish possible.

Horizontal Tempering Furnace: Sophisticated 'Forced Convection Furnace' capable of doing soft coat glasses and delivers best quality in terms of optical properties be it distortion or strength and fragmentation.

Lamination Line: Fully automatic flat lamination line including modern clean room and Autoclave to manufacture large glass sizes in best quality. 

Insulated Glass Line: One of the best IGU lines in the world to manufacture all possible combinations, as per customers' demand.

Photo Gallery Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Our Office Insulating Glass
Laminated Line (PVB FILM) Edge Polish Machine Toughened Line
Toughened Line Laminated Line Laminated Line
Laminated Line Laminated Line Laminated Line
Our Plants And Machineries  
Fully automatic Tempering Plant on the base of Low-e-glass.
PVB Laminating Line With Autoclave
Double Glazed Insulating Glass Line With Liesec Sealants Sealing Facilities
Ceramic Frit Line
Serial Bending Machine
Curved Glass Machine
Double Edges
CNC Controlled Drilling Machines
CNC Controlled Cutting Machines
Ceramic Coating Facilities.
Sophisticated Testing Facilities
Many Other Preprocessing Machine
Glass Handling Equipments  
Automatic Glass Loader:  
Facilitates glass cutting without touching coated side
Protects from coating damage
Reduces internal work order thus helping in speedy production
Excellent on aesthetics
Double Edger 
Automatic Edge Deletion for online processing
No change of axis required
Minimizes glass handling
Possibility of edge deletion before tempering
High pressure pre wash 
2 washing machines
Automatic thickness adjustment machine
Thickness machine
Soft bristles with 0.2mm dia
DM water with conductivity less than 12micro Siemens.
Protects from coating damage
Reduces internal work order thus helping in speedy production
Excellent on aesthetics
Radiation Tempering Ovens
First generation furnaces
Heat is transferred thru radiation mode
Glass is subjected to longer stay in the furnace
Uneven heating of glass
Inability to temper high performance low e glasses
Top & Bottom Convection Tempering Ovens Heat transferred due to forced air convection
Can process high performance low e glasses such as SKN / KT series of SGG
Can temper glass with emissivity as low as 0.03
Bed size – 4.3 mtr X 2.44 mtr
Bending of glass –3.66 mtr X 2.44mtr
Lamination line  DM water used for proper adhesion
Clean room with controlled humidity & temperature
Dust free atmosphere
PVB stored in clean area
Automatic laying up of PVB magazine
Infrared heaters for de-airing and edge sealing
Max dimensions : 2.44mtr X 4.2mtr
Insulated Glaze / Double Glaze Line : Clean room for glass assembly
Automatic spacer bending facility
Automatic desiccant (bead size of 0.6mm dia) filling facility
Robotic sealant sealing (Vertical sealing)
4 sided step glazing
Other facilities Ceramic Fritting, Argon Gas Filling, PVB Lamination, Acid Etching, Sand Blasting, Bevelling and all other glass processing facilities.
Direct / indirect advantages to customers
It protects from coating damage especially in high performance low e glasses such as SKN / KT series
Reduces internal work order thus helping in speedy production
Excellent on aesthetics
Direct / Indirect advantage to customers
Faster & safe movement of glass
Kaenat employee safety
Speedy production
Direct / Indirect advantage to customers :
Meets water processing requirement of the plant
Uninterrupted production
In House Glass Testing  
Types of testing facilities
Impact test
Tempering Glass Test
Annealed Glass Test
Tempered Glass Detector- By AOPTEX
Tin Side Detector
Fragmentation test
Bend measurement
Warpage measurement
Visual inspection by zebra lines
International Standards Tempering: ASTM C1048 - 04 / EN 12150
Lamination: ASTM C1172 – 03 / EN 12543 – 5
Double Glazing: ASTM C661 / EN1279 – 2
Heat Soaking: EN 1663
Shore A test
Air gap test
Delta T test
Pot life test
Butterfly test
Dew drop test
Boil test
UV test
Pummel bag test
Ball drop test
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